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17 August 2011

Spring Approaches

There are lots of signs in the garden at the moment that spring is on its way. I was delighted this morning when I went outside and took a deep breath, smelling the apple and plum blossoms on the air. It is so wonderful to see the plum tree which had done a convincing impersonation of death all winter, bursting into bud a few days ago, and then, today...

Another sure sign of spring in our garden is when the Pheasant Coucal returns. Although it looks like a pheasant, it is actually a variety of Cuckoo which nests in our yard each year. We really know spring is approaching when this bird shows up.

These birds have a soft, haunting call which carries a long distance. You can hear samples of the calls at the link above. I feel very privileged to have got these photos as this bird is extremely shy and we only see it very occasionally.

And of course, spring/summer would just not be complete without dear little Willie Wagtail!

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