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28 November 2011

Around the Yard

A few photos I snapped around our yard, today. Some of them are a bit fuzzy, (namely the ones of the chicks) because of fast moving subjects!

Our blue Australorp chick, "Boomer." I think that this one is a cockerel. He has the facial markings, the stance, and the body conformation of a rooster, to my untrained eyes.

This is a closer view, same bird. He is developing wattles and has red earlobes.
This is the only pullet of the three, I think. You can see her body shape is much softer and rounder and she has a smaller comb and barely any wattles at all. Her earlobe is darker coloured. This chick feathered up faster than the other two, which I have been told is one way of telling pullets from cocks.

I think this is the girl...I find it hard to tell because of the glare from the flash on her face.

The two boys together black boy named NotChick in the front. Again, he has the more pronounced facial colouring, larger comb and wattles and the body shape of a cockerel.

A clearer shot. This is soooo a boy! Would be happy to hear opinions from anyone about them.
And finally, this is one of a pair of Jabiru who have been hanging out in our yard the past few days. They tend to avoid me when they see me, so I had to be patient to get this pic.

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