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20 February 2012

Panicking chooks and a smelly corpse!

I had noticed the chooks panicking the past couple of days whenever they crossed a certain area in the yard, :gone but it was not until I went up there myself today that I noticed this! :shoc Almost had a heart attack until I realized it's dead. Not sure what type of snake it is.

The only snakes I have seen around here before are tree snakes and carpet snakes. This one doesn't look the right colour for a tree snake, though.

Closer shot. Given the injuries to the poor creature I would presume he/she was a victim of the lawn mower a couple of days ago. I think it's a good job our mowing man uses a ride on mower!

Poor Joe Blake (Australian slang for snake), he didn't come off too well in that argument and man, did he pong (stink)! I scooped him up with a stick and carried him away from the chooks' free range area. I was sneaky though, and put the corpse somewhere that I don't want the Hensingtons to be. ;) Maybe they will stay away from there for a while, at least!

Edited to add: An online friend of mine says it looks a lot like an Eastern Brown snake.

Eastern Brown Snake:

This makes me triply glad that I didn't encounter it when it was alive!


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