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29 March 2012

My Gentle Giant

Everyone who meets my beautiful Australorp Rooster, Chop-Chop comments on how big he is. Some people tend to find his size intimidating, but he is such a tame, gentle baby despite his size.

I introduced him to my daughter, Hannah yesterday. The last time she saw him, Choppy and his hatch mates were only about 8 weeks old and quite a lot smaller than they are now.

Choppy, always being interested in something nice to eat, came running down to greet us when he heard our voices in the yard.

Tearing up to us at full pelt, I guess he was a bit of a formidable sight! Hannah squeaked in alarm and stepped backwards, holding out her hands to ward him off, and Chop Chop stopped in his tracks clucking his confusion at this strange reaction.

I encouraged Hannah (who is 23) not to be afraid and that Choppy is just a big sook.

After a few nervous moments observing him and being reassured that he would not attack her, Hannah fed him some wild corn, which he picked, delicately from the palm of her hand, amazing her with his gentleness.

He is a sweet natured boy and has never shown the slightest hint of aggression towards anyone.

Despite his formidable size, he truly is just a big old baby and I adore my gentle giant.

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