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17 April 2012

A Grand Day Out!

On Sunday, we had a nice little outing when we travelled up the Blackall range to the township of Maleny. There was a poultry show on up there, which I had entered my little black pullet into, but then I had to withdraw her when she prolapsed. We still stopped in to view the other birds in the show as well, and that was well worth the trip to see some beautiful poultry. I didn't think to take any photos of the poultry while I was there even though I had my iPhone with me and could easily have done so. It was quite crowded in the sheds and I didn't want to be in anyone's way. You can see pictures of some of the winners at the Poultry Matters Forum.
After looking around at the poultry show, we went into the township of Maleny to take a look at the Sunday Markets and to have some lunch. I got my camera out at the markets to snap photos of the beautiful cupcakes one of the stallholders had on offer.
Maleny township is a very pretty place and has some unique sculptures in the main street. The town is in the middle of a thriving dairy district, so these sculptures are quite appropriate.
I don't know what the sculpture is called, but I called it Metallicows.
We ended our trip with a delicious seafood lunch at Captain Merv's Seafood Cafe 


  1. Fantastic! Looks like a great day out. Are your girls moulting too?

    1. Hi Mrs Bok,

      The girls have been through a moult recently and are still recovering. They've been off the lay and one went broody on me right after she finished moulting! I've got four out of the seven laying again though, so hoping they will continue through winter! *fingers crossed*