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18 June 2012

The Bantams

Well, it has been a few weeks since we got our little black bantam wyandottes and they have settled in nicely. I've been working with one of the hens, prepping her slowly and gently for a poultry show coming up next weekend. She is a sweet little girl and so much easier to catch and handle than my big black Australorps.

I've named this little girl, Dora as she is very curious about everything and will be the first to explore anything new in the coop. She's so lovely. I am totally smitten with her and her little mates.

These bantams are more show breeders than show stock, but I am going to enter Dora into a show anyway, more for the fun and experience and also to see what, if any comments she gets from the judges.

Dora is the little girl at the rear of this photograph. As you can see, she is as curious about the camera as the camera is curious about her. I love the angle of her head, and the way she just radiates confidence and inquisitiveness.

I need to find the time to get some nicer photos of the girls individually. I'm hoping Dora does well in the show pen and I might get some good shots of her then.

This is the only individual shot I have and it is of the Rooster. We named him Ko-Ko after the Lord High Executioner in The Mikado. He is a little man with high ambitions, just as Ko-Ko is. He looks very grumpy and out of sorts in both of these photos, but I am sure it is all bluster! He's very sweet to handle and very attentive and gentle with his little hens.

I'm hoping that I will be able to add a new little blue hen to his harem sometime soon as I am very keen to have both a black, and a blue line of these sweet little chickens to call my own.

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