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15 October 2011

And Baby Makes 3!

We had a the rare privilege to be right at hand with a camera when the last of our three viable eggs hatched today. We have named this last chick, N00bIRL (prounounced "noo-burl") which is gamer speak for "Newbie/N00bie In Real Life" and is applied to anyone who is new at something not related to game play or the gaming world. for example, a new baby could be considered a n00bIRL because it is new to everything.

From Urban Dictionary:

A n00b.

A novice, one who plays, thinks or behaves like a novice, one whose self-acclaim is greatly superior to their actual expertise or accomplishments.


Abbreviation for "In Real Life." Often used in internet chat rooms to let people you are talking about something in the real world and not in the internet world. Also can be used to differentiate between an actor/actress and the character they play.

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