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18 October 2011

How to Bathe a Chicken

I bathed our ex-broody hen, Bertha yesterday, and decided to make the following video demonstrating how it is done. Bertha was very patient with me and seemed to enjoy having a wash on such a hot day.

You can download the music used in this video, legally through the links below.

Sketches From An American JourneyDavid Arkenstone
"New Day" (mp3)
from "Sketches From An American Journey"
(Domo Records)

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  1. @Tanya I was surprised at how very tolerant she was. It was the first time I ever bathed her and she took to it like an old timer. She is a sweet tempered thing, though and has put up with much from me as I relearn how to keep chickens!

  2. I love this!

    And I like the name of your new site! xx