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19 October 2011

New Name, New Look!

I guess most of my followers will have already noticed this, but at the risk of stating the glaringly obvious...

I have changed the name, and the look of my blog. I have been laughingly referring to the chicken coops we have here as Hensington Palace for a while now, and when I made the chook bathing video, I put By Hensington Palace Hens for a lark at the end of the clip and I decided I really like it, so I have renamed the blog to reflect the same name, and created my own template to go with the name.

I hope it is not too confusing when you come here expecting the old Feathered Petticoats only to find it has all changed!

1 comment:

  1. I am a bit slow and didn't notice.

    I like it. Nice bird there. :)